Tree Trimming & Removal

Vegetation management is a crucial part of providing safe, cost-effective, and reliable electricity to our customers.  Trees are a valuable resource in our community. They help the environment and add beauty to our landscapes.  Unfortunately, they can also be a major challenge to operating a safe and reliable distribution system.  Trees are one the main causes of power outages.

Ohop Mutual must keep the areas where power lines are located Clear of trees and brush for several reasons:

  • Employee Safety: obstacles such as branches and trees can result in life-threatening accidents for employees working in those areas
  • Fire Hazards: trees and branches that touch power lines can cause fires resulting in major damage to the surrounding areas.
  • Higher Reliability: fewer trees and branches means fewer power outages.  Reliability of power is extremely important as some of our customers utilize life support equipment.
  • Reduced Costs: fewer trees planted near power lines results in less tree trimming activity which inevitably results in less cost and lower rates.
  • Shorter Outages: when power lines are kept clear of trees and brush, our crews are able to restore power more quickly.
  • Energy Efficiency: Each kilowatt generated by a power plant is important.  When a tree touches a power line, it causes the energy produced to be lost and wasted forever.

For more information on our Vegetation Management program, please call our office at (253) 847-4363