Service Upgrades and Changes

Upgrading and/or Relocating electrical service to a home is a joint project between the homeowner/contractor and Ohop Mutual Light Company. Ohop Mutual is responsible for changes to the service lines to bring power to the Main Service Panel/Meter Socket and for installing the meter in the meter socket.

Step By Step Procedures

The following items must be completed and/or returned to Ohop Mutual Light Company before your Service Upgrade/Relocate can be completed and energized:

  • Complete a Service/Membership Application
  • Complete a Service Installation Request Form
  • Provide a Site Plan (PDF) with proposed building information. An Ohop Mutual employee will review your site plan and contact you to arrange a site visit.
  • Fill out a Load Data sheet.
  • Pay the Site Estimate Fee of $250.00 (This fee will be applied as a credit to your service installation cost)
  • Setup an Appointment to meet a Distribution Designer on the property. An Ohop Mutual employee will meet you onsite and design the Upgrade/Relocate for you. The Technician will mail you a Quotation Package for Service Changes.
  • Review the Service Installation Handbook and Specifications (PDF)
  • Pay the Service Upgrade/Relocate Quote
  • Get Easements – if required
  • Obtain an Electrical Permit from Washington State Labor & Industries
  • Contact local telephone and cable providers to make arrangements for Relocation of service
  • Request all Underground Locates via the Utilities Location Center (811)
  • Prepare the Job Site for Service Relocate/Upgrade. Dig the Necessary Trenches. An Ohop Mutual employee will inspect your trench and conduit before you fill it in. Please call the Engineering Department at least five days before you need the inspection so we can schedule appropriately.
  • Provide and install meter base and all electrical wiring for your project
  • Notify Ohop Mutual Engineering Department once you receive a green tag of approval from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. A green tag of approval must be on the meter base before your permanent electrical service will be installed. Please allow up to five business days so we can schedule appropriately.

Downloadable Forms