Budget Billing

young woman checking bills, taxes, bank account balance and calculating expenses in the living room at home

Budget Billing takes the guesswork out of paying your electric bills by allowing you to pay one consistently and predictable monthly bill amount every month for one year.

The monthly budget amount, recalculated annually in May, is based on the average monthly energy use for your account during the previous 12 months.

We Calculate your Budget Bill by taking the last 12 monthly bills, dividing by 12, and rounding to the nearest whole dollar. When we recalculate your Budget Payment Amount, all debits or credits from the previous budget billing term are divided by 12 and applied to your next year’s budget amount.

Although you pay a set Budget Amount each month, you are responsible for all of your energy use.

How do I enroll in Budget Billing?

You can enroll in Budget Billing during the months of April and May by calling our office at (253) 847-4363 and requesting Budget Billing.