Call Before You Dig

Whether Building a deck, Planting a tree, or Installing a mailbox – If you plan to dig anywhere even on private property, Washington State Law requires that you contact the Utilities Underground Location Center before beginning any work.

Remember: If you accidentally damage any utility facilities whether electric, cable, phone, water, etc. – you will be liable for repair costs – up to three times the actual cost of repair.

You can reach the utility locating service by calling: 811

This is a free service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We recommend the following:

  • Request your locate at least three business days before starting the work.
  • Take pictures of the work area after the locate marks are on the ground. This helps protect you in case the locate marks are not correct.
  • If you hit a utility facility, take pictures of the area of where you are digging.
  • Keep the locate “ticket number” readily available as a reference if problems occur.
  • Stop work immediately if you dig into a utility facility. Be sure to call the company whose service was dug into to let them know. If you dig into an electric distribution primary or secondary line, call Ohop Mutual at (253) 847-4363.