Outdoor Lighting

photo of a street lamp taken from belowFrom rural areas to gated communities, lighting your property is important. Ohop Mutual Light Company is here to help with installation, repair or replacement of outdoor security lights.

The purpose of the outdoor lighting program is as follows:

  • Traffic Safety
  • Crime Prevention
  • Feeling of security by residents
  • Enhancement of commercial business activities
  • Extension of outdoor social and recreational activities

To qualify for the program, all members must complete the Outdoor Security Light Application to determine wattage, service requirements, and availability as well as the Outdoor Security Light Agreement to determine lease length, installation costs (if any), payment method and monthly maintenance fee. Contact our office at (253) 847-4363 for an application.

After installation of the outdoor lighting facilities, Ohop Mutual will provide routine repair, maintenance, and/or replacement service under the lease for a mutually agreed period – with a minimum requirement of 2 years after the effective date of the lease.

All Ohop Mutual outdoor security lighting must adhere to the following applicable guidelines and criteria:

  • Reduce glare and light pollution as a result of inappropriate light fixtures
  • Provide safe roadways for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Conserve energy by promoting efficient and cost-effective lighting
  • Provide sufficient illumination for safety, convenience and security
  • Located so as to minimize stray light trespassing across property boundaries
  • Installed or aimed so that they do not shine directly into the window of a neighboring residence or directly into a roadway

LED lights are the next evolution in lighting technology due to their energy efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements. Ohop Mutual Light Company offers the following types of lighting:

Evluma LED 40W $9.50 Monthly
Evluma LED 70W $12.50 Monthly
HPS Light 250W $18.50 Monthly
MV Light 400W $26.00 Monthly

Watts vs. Lumens

A watt is used to measure the amount of energy consumed. Higher wattage equates to more energy usage and therefore more cost to you.

A lumen is the method used to measure the brightness of the light – the more lumens, the brighter the light.

Light Pollution

Another reason Ohop Mutual has switched to LED lighting is to minimize light pollution, as LED lighting can more accurately light specific areas. This helps reduce light spill into unwanted zones which causes glare to clutter the night sky and inhibit the beauty of the stars.

LED Outdoor Security Lighting also helps the environment by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Not only can light pollution bother your neighbors, but it also affects mammals and birds potentially causing sleeping, mating and feeding problems.