Meter Upgrade Project

With our existing meters nearing the end of their usable life, we will be changing out our existing meters with upgraded meters.

The upgraded meters are equipped with modern technology which will help us more quickly identify outages and will give our members more control over their usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the upgraded meters?
Advanced meters support a variety of services that allow you more flexibility and control of your utility use and costs and help us operate more efficiently by helping restore service quicker and reduce the length of outages and system emergencies.
How do the upgraded meters work?
Upgraded meters will send usage data to Ohop Mutual on a daily basis over Verizon Wireless’ Grid Wide Network, in a form similar to a text. The meter will collect data and send the information to us. Daily reads will be available to members our SmartHub portal (visit to sign up).
Why are you upgrading the meters?
Our meters and supporting systems are nearing the end of their useful life.
What are some of the benefits of the upgraded meters?
Upgraded meters send electric consumption data to Ohop Mutual and the SmartHub member portal, more quickly than the current meters. They will also notify us of variances in voltage and other line conditions, which will help maintain a more reliable power distribution system. Meters will be able to locate issues or outages faster, and more accurately, to help restore service quicker and provide clear usage information and allows members to setup and receive personalized alerts via SmartHub. Upgraded meters will also allow our Member Services department to request instantaneous reads for opening and closing of accounts, verification of readings for high bill research and more.
Have other utilities installed upgraded meters?
Yes, nearly all of the neighboring utilities have upgraded as well as many others across the country.
How long will it take to upgrade all of the meters?
We expect to have 95% of the meters installed by the summer of 2024.
How long will installation of the upgraded meter take?
The average meter installation is anticipated to take about 15 minutes. There are factors that may cause the installation to be delayed like equipment/meter damage, tampering issues or repairs needed.
Will I lose service during the meter exchange?
Yes, you will lose service for approximately 3-5 minutes while the old meter is removed and the upgraded meter is installed.
Will the Meter Upgrade Project raise my rates?
No, this project will not drive any changes in rates. Today, all metering related expenses are captured in our ongoing budgets.
Will I have to pay a fee to get my upgraded meter installed?
No, there is no fee for the installation of a new meter. If any repairs or improvements need to be made to equipment or your current meter, fees may be applied – this will be on a case by case basis and we will make any repairs within our jurisdiction to limit/avoid any costs to members.
How will my bill be affected?
The only change you will see on your bill is the last read from your old meter, and a new read from the new meter, once installed.
Can I choose not to have an upgraded meter?
All of our members’ homes and businesses should be equipped with upgraded meters. Our billing and electrical system operations depend upon the efficient exchange of information, so all parts of our system must be integrated. Leaving existing meters in place would create “holes” in our system and would drive up costs.
Are the upgraded meters safe?
Yes, these meters are subject to rigorous, advanced testing, meeting industry safety standards and are of no issue to your safety or health.
How will you protect my privacy?
The meters encrypt energy usage information to ensure privacy, and transmit it to us over a wireless network with multiple layers of security.
How will you use the data collected from my meter?
We must collect data from the meters to provide service. As always, the data will be used for billing purposes, operational analysis and planning. Your usage data will not be sold to a third-party.
Will net metering customers be included in the meter upgrade?
Yes, solar customers will be equipped with an upgraded meter.
Will the upgraded meter affect devices in my home?
No, like the current meter, the upgraded meters will have no effect on devices near it.
I noticed a green and/or red light on the upgraded meter – what do the lights mean?
Amber, red and green lights are normal. They represent the meter’s signal status or strength at that given moment. They can remain red or green for an extended amount of time. The lights do not indicate that the meter is transmitting and are only useful to the utility if/when onsite.