Generator Safety

Portable generators are useful when a power outage occurs or temporary/remote power is needed. If you purchase a generator, please notify our office so we can update your account with information related to your generator and its potential use during a power outage.

Be sure to Connect Your Generator Safely. Adding a generator to the electrical system of your home or business requires a transfer switch to disconnect the electric load from Ohop Mutual’s electric distribution grid. This is a safety regulation of the National Electrical Code as well as Ohop Mutual, for two very good reasons:

  • It prevents the back flow of electric current into our distribution lines during a power outage, which could seriously injure or kill linemen working to restore power.
  • It prevents potential damage to the generator when regular electric service has been restored.

Other Items to Remember

  • Do NOT run a generator in a basement, inside your home, in a garage or other enclosed area. The Fumes from the generator can be lethal to occupants.
  • Be Cautious around wet conditions as your body can become a path to ground and cause a fatal shock.
  • Do NOT shut-off the generator while it is under Electric load.
  • Do NOT store fuel near the generator.
  • Do NOT re-fuel a generator when it is running or still hot.
  • For more information on Using a Generator Safely, see the OSHA Fact Sheet: Using Portable Generators Safely (PDF)