Renewable Energy

Offset and save with a renewable energy system and our net metering program

We offer net metering to our members with approved renewable energy systems which allows a member-owned generator to “bank” excess generation from their renewable energy system for future use.

For more details about this program, see the FAQ below or read through our Renewable Energy Packet.

Once you’re ready to proceed with your renewable energy installation, complete and submit the Renewable Energy Packet or complete the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is net metering?
Net metering involves the use of a special meter that measures electricity flowing in both directions and also calculates the difference between the two (the net). This allows us to track electricity that we’ve delivered to you as well as what you’ve generated, not used, and delivered to us.
How much does it cost?
We do not resell or install renewable energy systems, but we do require members to pay an interconnection application fee of $100 plus tax as well as share in the cost of the net meter. The net meter typically costs between $350-400 and we split the cost with you.
What other incentives are available?
We recommend you check out the website as well as the Energy Information Administration website. You may also want to talk with an installer about current state and federal incentives or check out the Solar Washington website.
Will I be able to use my renewable energy system during a power outage?
By design, grid tied solar systems automatically shut down when utility power is not present. Only those systems that have battery storage with a transfer switch or are not grid tied would provide electricity during an outage.

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