Ductless Heat Pumps

Quiet, easy to use, and energy efficient, the Ductless Heat Pump program helps reduce residential customers heating costs and improves their homes – making your living areas more comfortable. Electric heating costs can be reduced by 25% to 50% plus customers receive the added bonus of air conditioning.

A ductless system consists of an outside unit, one or more inside “heads” that serve zones, and a remote control.

  • Homes with forced air-electric furnaces, electric baseboard, wall heaters or ceiling cable – Incentive $800.

A Trained Ductless Heat Pump contractor installs the system.  Contractors are listed on the Going Ductless web site.

Ohop Mutual offers assistance for its single-family home customers if they choose to upgrade their heating system and install a ductless heat pump.  To find out more call our office

To participate, fill out a Ductless Heat Pump Program Application (PDF).

Remember – in order to Qualify for the Rebate the ductless heat pump must be on the Qualified Products List and be installed by a participating installer.