Smart Thermostats

smart thermostatA Smart Thermostat can give a homeowner additional control over the heating and cooling usage and costs in their home.

Ohop Mutual offers a $140 rebate toward the purchase and installation of a smart thermostat.

What are the Benefits of Using a Smart Thermostat?

A Smart Thermostat can be controlled from your Smart Phone or Tablet

A Smart Thermostat can help you save Energy and money since they have sensors that detect when movement occurs in your home – automatically lowering the temperature when you are away.

A Smart Thermostat lets you remotely control the temperature in your home.

A Smart Thermostat gives you the ability to track your energy usage including heating hours and cooling hours.

For more information or a list of Qualified Smart Thermostats, please call our office.

WIFI Is Required

Just a Note:  In order to get all of the advantages offered by a smart thermostat, a house must have Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi gives the thermostat the ability to get a home report using weather data, to connect to a smartphone or tablet and to update settings.